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How to choose a Professional Wedding Photographer

Choosing a Professional Wedding Photographer for your Wedding Day!

First of all the wedding photographer you choose to take your wedding photos has only one chance of getting them right ! bearing this in mind, you will need to decide on a number of factors that will influence your decision in choosing a professional wedding photographer to shoot your wedding day – There wont be a second chance once the day is over.

Its very easy when planning your wedding day, to concentrate on the venue, wedding dress, the wedding cake, who to invite, what the groom will wear on the wedding day. One of key factors that will record all your hard work and planning that the bride and groom have put into the day needs to recorded in such away, it really does capture the day.

How do You Begin?

Most likely you will have been to a wedding in the past and have seen a wedding photographer at work – so ask your friends have a look at their albums, this will give you an idea on what sort of wedding photographer you want for your wedding day. Its so important that you get on with your photographer, Peterborough Photography are very easy to work with and that’s important, since each and every wedding is unique and our flexible approach is paramount. Please share with us your requirement’s and you will end up with some amazing images from your wedding day.

You can also enhance your searching by visiting google or yahoo, bing etc and typing in wedding photographer and placing in the city with your search to narrow down your list. An example of this may be if you are looking for a Peterborough based wedding photographer, then type in “ Wedding Photographer Peterborough” or “ Peterborough Wedding Photography” on the search tab.

Meeting with Peterborough Photography

We can visit you with example wedding albums, of previously shot wedding days. We will show you the complete wedding day pictures not just the best shots, we show you the whole wedding day from start to finish. Peterborough Photography can explain the different styles of shooting a wedding, from modern, to reportage wedding photography, to the more classical style.

Typical Wedding Questions we are asked.

Q. What are the wedding package costs and what do you get with it?

A.We have various packages to suit and cater for all budgets, you will get quality wedding photography at a realistic price.

Q. How will the wedding proofs be displayed for selection?

A. Peterborough photography supply all images taken on a DVD disk with every shot taken on the day, depending on what wedding day package you have selected you can then choose your wedding photos for your wedding album.

Q. Can you advise and help us choose the final photos for my wedding album?

A. We can offer help in selecting, which prints, which photographs, which albums, colours, materials etc etc.

Q. Can you make it easy for friends and family to order reprints?

A. If you want to order prints we can arrange for your photos to be online, your friends and family can then choose to order prints. Although Peterborough Photography do supply you with a full DVD disk of all images so you can get your own prints if you would prefer.

Q. What is your photography style; photojournalist, traditional, mixed, etc.?

A. We can shoot your wedding day in style that you want.

Q. What’s your time frame for preparing the wedding photos for my selection?

A. It normally takes a couple of weeks for us to process all the images, please consider we normally shoot 500 images on your wedding day.

Q. Do you do Pre-wedding shoots?

A. Yes we can do pre-wedding shots and engagement shots, we often find it will put the bride and groom at ease, they will be more natural on the wedding day as you will feel comfortable with the wedding photographers.

Q. How long do I have to choose which pictures we want?

A. You can take as long as you need, no rush or pressure.

Q. How long have you been in business?

A. I have been in the photography business for over 20 years, Peterborough Photography has been running since 2008, read my about me section for more information 🙂

Q. What kind of guarantee comes with my hiring you?

A. We offer a full contract with terms and conditions, with full protection for all parties.

Q. How many photographers will shoot the day?

A. This will depend on the wedding photography package you choose.

Q. Do you have travel fees?

A. We may charge a fee for travel costs depending on several factors, location, wedding package booked, but generally all local weddings do not incur any travel charges.

Q Do you have backup cameras?

A. We don’t just have back up cameras, we have back ups of everything, we often shoot with over 4 cameras on your wedding day. So as far as equipment in concerned we only use the best Canon Cameras and we have back ups of everything, we also have back up photographers !!!

Q. Will you be shooting my photos personally?

A. Yes

Q. Are the images high resolution?

A. Yes all photographs shot of your wedding day are high resolution, your photos could be printed as large as A2

Q.What’s your payment policy?

A. We always require a booking deposit, full details are in Peterborough Wedding Photography’s terms and conditions.

Ready to book?

What ever wedding package you choose, Peterborough Photography will make sure your weddingictures are high quality, tastefull and meet your expectations. Weddings are expensiveand you will want to capture the day, the feelings, the mood. Call us today to discuss your wedding days plans on 01778 348967, all prices for 2011 are fixed till the end of 2010 so book now to avoid disapointment.